Living So Far Away And Counting Down to The Holidays

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Isn’t it exciting to graduate from college knowing that you will get a job and move away from home?  It means that you can experience life away from your parents and be a grown up.  I thought it would be exciting seeing how both my husband and I come from a small town in Mississippi.  We moved when my husband (my boyfriend/fiancée at the time) got a job in Texas.  Well, I thought that was far, but we made it work.  We would travel back and forth for the holiday season and we still got to see our families.

Even when we had our daughter, it was always hard to travel, but again, we always made it work.  This year, my husband accepted a job in Virginia and there we moved again.  And here I thought Texas was far, Virginia was even further away from Mississippi.  Soon after our move, the holiday season came, Thanksgiving flew by and now here we are counting down to the day of Christmas.  Living so far away, I soon realized how much of a homebody I was.  I love being with my husband and I’s families, especially around the holidays.  Holidays are supposed to be about being with your loved ones and having a wonderful time visiting, right?  However, this year is not the case for us.

With us just moving and paying bills for two houses, it can be difficult to travel.  So, this year, we will not be visiting family for the holidays and all the presents will be shipped.  This is the first time that we have been away from our family around this time of year and I must say that it is a little depressing.  Well, it is a very depressing occasion, especially for me.  Since I am a home body and love to be near family, I have been thinking about not being home for the holidays and my heart just sinks.  It sucks living far away, but it also gets you thinking about what the important things are.  For instance, I was happy to move away from home in the beginning, but since having a child of my own, I soon realized that I have a new-found respect and love for our parents.  I call my mom and dad all the time for advice, to rant over the insignificant things, and to tell them how lost I would be without them.  They always respond back to lift me up, support me, and tell me that everything will be okay.  It also made me realize how much I appreciate all our family and friends.  Having that great support system is truly the best, even if you do live away from each other.

In addition to living far away, it also gives you the chance to miss your family, so that when you finally do get to visit, it’s a happy occasion and you make every moment count.  So, that’s when I figured out what the important things are for me and the most important is family and friends.  All in all, I am here to tell you that if you live far away from home, you are not alone in this.  You may feel depressed, but thank goodness for technology these days, am I right?  We can all call, text, or video chat with our families so that way nobody misses a thing.

I sure am going to miss our family for the holidays this year, but I am sure that we will find a way to make it work.  Then again, there is always next year and a new year coming up to make more wonderful memories.  I hope you all are having the happiest of holidays and I will see you in the next post!

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