Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Everyone!!

Hi everyone! Welcome to Nerd Mom with a Blog! My name is Michelle. I am a stay at home mom to a sassy child and a fur mom to a dire wolf, a cat, and rats. My little family and I…we are nerds and love to play board games, video games, and d&d. Not only am I a blogger, but I have an Etsy shop where I crochet.

That’s not all…I also have other jobs such as a student (getting my Bachelor’s in Education), substitute teacher, health coach, and the big one…a mom and wife.

My blog talks about our lives with sharing tips on motherhood, DIY’s, recipes, school, and everything in between while giving it a nerdy twist. But, I do also share my story through hardships, victories, loss, and going through therapy. I hope to see you on the site!