It’s True That Being A Mommy Isn’t Easy

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This phrase, “Mommin Ain’t Easy,” has been going around and I bet all of us parents, Moms and Dads, can relate to most or all of the stories that go with this phrase.  Parenting is hard, but it’s fulfilling…am I right??  All those LONG nights, having no sleep, or your child is not listening when you ask them to clean up their mess…it’s the end goal that we are trying to reach…right??  The end goal being that you have raised an understanding and compassionate human being.  A human being that wants to help others, be in a field that they thrive in, and see them happy.  That is my end goal in life is to see my daughter grow up being happy and thriving in what she loves.  Right now she loves animals and animals love her, so maybe a veterinarian??  Anyways, the point is that we just want our kids to be happy.  However, we have to go through those difficult times such as the “Terrible Twos and Threes,” “Teenager,” and “Oh gosh she is 21 and can drink and drive!”

Being a mama and daddy is hard and I never knew until I had my daughter.  I remember being that child that HAD to have EVERYTHING in sight and didn’t have a care in the world.  I didn’t care when they didn’t want me to go on a date on the night of a test, which I did.  They didn’t want me to drive at night to a friends house, which I did.  I had an attitude when I didn’t get my way and I thought I knew everything.  I was wrong…very wrong, because I did not know everything.  Once I got out on my own, had to pay bills, and plan my future, I started to realize that my parents were right.  After getting married and becoming a parent myself, I realized my parents were right.  I find myself admitting that I was that child to my parents and saying the words, “I’m sorry,” to them ALL the time.  Does anyone else do this??  It’s so hard, but I have to admit that my parents were right all along about everything.

Life is hard, parenting is hard, but at the end of the day, all of those temper tantrums, all of those endless days of telling your child to go potty, to eat their veggies, to not throw things, it’s all worth it.  When my daughter was born and I had MANY sleepless nights, I had to sometimes go somewhere during a dinner with family to feed her, and she didn’t want anyone else to hold her, but mommy and daddy, I asked myself, “when will I get sleep?, when will it get easier?”  The simple answer is never.  After hearing all of these different stories from parents through social media, knowing my stories and my parents, parenting will never get easier.  You will always have that worry, that doubt, and those sleepless nights.  But my gosh, us as parents gain so much more, right?  We gain the chance to raise a human being.  We get to see our child’s laugh, smiles, go through difficult times, go through the happiest of times, and everything in between.  We look at our children, when they are older, and think how lucky we are to be their parents.

It’s an amazing ride and will be full of so much adventure that we didn’t know we needed.  So, as I sit here with my daughter, I can only think, “I know that you will have to grow up, but you will always be my baby.”  There will be hard times, but there will always be those precious moments and memories that we get to keep forever.  So yeah, Mommin’ Ain’t Easy by a LONG shot, but it is so worth it in the end!  Welp, I hope you enjoy your weekend and I will see you in the next post!


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J Kontos
5 years ago

You’re right, there is nothing like hearing your baby laugh and giggle with joy! This is such a beautiful post! Thank you for reminding us <3