Becoming Lactose Intolerant

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Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a great week so far!  I am going

to a little personal topic this week.  I am doing this because it just happened to me recently and I wanted to share my experience.  

When I was a child, I was never lactose intolerant.  I LOVED eating all the cheeses, ice cream, yogurt, etc.  While I was pregnant, my biggest craving was cookies and milk.  However, here recently and as I am growing older, I am starting to find myself becoming lactose intolerant.  It happened slowly, but then the symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Every time I drank milk/any dairy or ate anything dairy, I was glued to the toilet.  I am sorry for the TMI, but it happens sometimes.  We all do it.  Anyway, it got to the point where I literally would be either in bed with a stomach ache or in the bathroom for a long period of time.  Eventually, I said enough and looked into what it was.

I had a gut feeling (no pun intended) that it was lactose intolerance, but I didn’t know that was thing you could develop.  I always thought that you were either born with it or not.  Sure enough…you can develop it later on and it can happen suddenly.  Welp, I didn’t like it one bit.  I love dairy and now my body is telling me that I can’t have it anymore…ugh!  

I started getting frustrated because it was another thing to add to the list of the things that is wrong with me.  I have anxiety, depression, some PTSD, chronic pain, and now…lactose intolerant.  Oh, and I also had to add another medication to my already existing medicine, so yay!  Anyway, I have had to make A LOT of changes in a short period of time.  

For instance, I had to switch to almond milk and almond milk products, whole wheat bread, and cut a lot of sugar/soda.  I, also, had to make a switch to more plant based products because most regular foods are made by something dairy aka butter, sour cream, etc.  I will say that I didn’t like and I hated that I had to make a switch because my family is not lactose intolerant and the products are a lot more expensive. 

Yes, I debated, but I figured that I am preaching on being healthy, so I need to act the part.  So, here I am eating plant butter, drinking almond milk, and made whole wheat pancakes.  However, in other good news, ever since making the switch, I can already tell that I feel so much better and my body feels better.  My body doesn’t feel dragged down and I have energy.  It’s amazing, but I do miss dairy sometimes!  We had pizza/pasta tonight and even though I took my medicine (mind you, it was late, so after one slice of pizza), I started up the symptoms again immediately.  It’s awful!  So, I am resting, letting the storm pass, and hoping to feel better soon!

Have any of you experienced this?  Are there any lactose intolerant people out there?  Let me know in the comments.  As always, I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you in the next post!

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