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Hi everyone!  Whew…2019 is just around the corner and I feel like more of a scattered brain mom than I did in the beginning of the year.  However, I can’t totally dismiss on 2018 because there have been some good moments throughout the year and wonderful memories were made.  But then, I am ready for 2019.  I am ready for some new goals, new memories, and take what all I learned from 2018 to bring forward to the new year.

And speaking of goals…this post will be a fun/exciting post because…I have asked my fellow mommy bloggers on what their new year goals were and we all came together to come up with these goals.  It is never too late or too early to start making that goal list for yourself, family, or your business.

Now, let me be honest with you all that I really don’t believe in the saying, “New year, New me”, because I used to do that to myself and I always felt so disappointed because I never was determined to work on me.  However, that all changed because I had to take a step back, reevaluate myself, and finally chose to start working on me.  I am starting to get more determined, more focused, and more in love with myself than I have ever before.  So, I do not need a “new me”, I just need to keep going with self care.  My point to this little side track is that you do not need to set yourself high up in the goal making.  Keep it simple, even if it is simple steps to the bigger goal, work hard, and you will start to see the progress.  Believe me, it works.

So, if you are a new mommy (Congratulations!! It’s the best!!) or a mom of 2 or 3 (Girl, you are brave and you got this!), then these goals are for you!  We made these goals having every mom in mind since we are all moms.  Now, sit back, relax, and read:

  1. My first mommy blogger is Bekah.  She has a blog over at The Haywire Honey where she talks about mom life, travel, and she is a mom of 3.  Here is her new year goal:

    More Family Travel

    My new year’s goal is to travel with my family more whether local or out of state. As a mom, I want to show my kids as much of the world as I can. I did not have the greatest childhood but the best times I remember are the few times we traveled and had adventures. I want to share big and small experiences with my own kids. Aside from feeding my wanderlust, I want to instill a sense of adventure and desire to try new things in my children. I think travel is the perfect way to accomplish this and make great memories as a family.

    She also has a free printable for (12 months of travel challenge) – a sheet with a year of travel inspiration, applicable to moms and families.  You can find the free printable here: https://www.thehaywirehoney.com/new-years-travel-goals-inspiration/

  2. My next mommy blogger is Heather.  She has a blog (she is re-launching, can’t wait to see it!) over at http://www.heatherlhernandez.com/.  She talks about self care and many more.  Here is her new years goal:

More Self Care

So one of my goals is to learn how/train myself to focus deeply on what I am doing in the moment.  Whether that is actual WAHM business work, cleaning, homeschooling the kids, having family time, resting, etc…

This includes limiting screens/social media/internet browsing to set periods so I’m not half distracted all day long.  A book that I LOVED on this subject is Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.  It’s talking about focusing deeply and intently mostly in the work setting but when I was reading it, I realized I could apply it to sooo many other areas in my life!
I’m so looking forward to see not only how much more I can accomplish when I am really focusing deeply, but also being more present in the moment and living where I’m at.  =)
My name is Heather Hernandez and my mission is to “Help you Tailor Your Life to fit YOU, because life is too short to live it like pants that don’t fit”.
And since she is relaunching her website, she is doing a fabulous giveaway where she is giving away one of these 1 on 1 sessions.  It sounds amazing and these sessions include:
🌱A 1 hour FaceTime or in person session to go over your Top 3 priorities, and your Top 3 areas of frustration or overwhelm and work on strategies and ideas based on your personality, priorities, and season
🌱A free customized Trello board template for you to interactively figure out your rhythm and routine
🌱A Google spreadsheet with your schedule so we can go over it together to see how we can tailor your time.
🌱A Google doc with my personalized plan with tips, strategies, and a prioritized action steps list to help you get started and make some quick changes.
🌱A 1 hour follow up session you can use anytime to assess what’s working, what’s not, and what you might need to tweak.

3.  The next mommy I have is Meagan.  She blogs over at meagandeal.com.  Her blog is a mommy blog that talks about military family life, cochlear implant, and so much more.  Go check out her blog, she is such a sweet woman. Here is her goal:

To be More Organized

My goal is to be more organized with everything I do. I have always loved checklists, shopping lists, a place for everything in my house, and so on. These past few years I have let it slide. So, my goal for 2019 is to focus more on these areas.

    4.   The next goal I will bepresenting is my goal.  I have been saying this, but now that I have more focus and determination, there is nothing that will hold me back.

Find My Way to being Healthy, Sleep, and more Energized

Hi!  My name is Michelle and I blog over here at Nerd Mom with a Blog.  As most of you know that I have fibromyalgia, I am a mom to 2 cats and 1 child, and I love being crafty/nerdy.  My new year goal is to get even more healthy for my family, remember to always get a good night sleep, and I want to be more energized where I can play and be able to keep up with my daughter.


Like I said, these goals is to get everyone thinking and these are just some ideas for us moms to jot down for the new year.  I know that these goals are not for everyone, but hey…they could be goals to someone else.  Welp…it is now my time to get some sleep.  But since I have you all here…I will be taking a week off next week (Christmas week) because I will be traveling to see both sides of our families for the holidays.  We haven’t seen some of our family members in a year, so it will be exciting to see everyone!  I hope you all have a Happy Holidays and I will see you in the new year!

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5 years ago

Thanks for including me in this! I hope we can all accomplish great things in 2019.