A Brand New Adventure

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Good Morning and Happy Friday!  I am so excited about this blog post because I get to share with you all my brand new adventure that I have embarked on!

This adventure has taken me a few weeks to get everything right while doing some missions in between haha.  It reminds me of going on a real life D&D campaign, but not to get too side tracked….back to the adventure.

Since becoming a mom, my relaxing hobby has always been crocheting.  I learned crocheting from my grandmother and I am forever grateful for her teaching me.  Anyways, I started to crochet bows recently and people started asking me where I got these bows and if I ever thought of selling.  At first, I never gave it one thought because A) I was still learning how to read a pattern and how to crochet and B) I wanted to build up inventory before I even thought of opening a shop.

Well, I have been building up inventory and now I have FINALLY opened up my own Etsy shop!  I am so excited and I will say that I have been secretly wanting to open my own shop through Etsy for years (since I started shopping through Etsy).  But now, my hope and a little dream came true!  It was all thanks to some hard work, research, and my grandmother for teaching me.  I am selling crocheted bows (small, medium, and large) and I will be crocheting other things as I get some new things to crochet.

Here is the link to my shop:


As of right now, I only have a couple of bows to sell, but I am also working on some new inventory to put into the shop, so please (again) be patient.  I am still in shock that I took the leap and did it, but I am so excited to start this new mission and don’t worry I am still working on some new awesome content for this blog!  I hope that you enjoyed reading and I do hope that you come and check out my shop!  As always, be a friend and follow my facebook page, instagram, pinterest, etc. and/or subscribe.  I hope you all have a great weekend and Fourth of July!  I will see you in the next post!

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Cynthia Severson
5 years ago

Nice post