Valentine’s Day Activities: Part Two

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Hello again!  This is part two of my Valentine’s Day Activities special!  This one is for us parents.  My husband and I don’t get a lot of date nights since we don’t live close to family and of course finances sometimes just get in the way (we have all been there).  But, when we do get date nights, we like to make it count.  We usually go to a movie and then have dinner, but that kind of gets old after a while.  This has made my wheels turn and started to make me think of different and unique ways to make date nights fun.

I have come up with NOTHING other than the usual bowling, going on a nice walk, go to a concert, but then I found something unique and something that caught my eye.  Cooking classes.  I have heard about them, but never really looked into them.  This year, I looked, and it sounds really fun!  For a hefty price, you can go to a cooking class, have a 5 or 6 course meal, and 4 or 5 glasses of wine/champagne.  Sounds amazing right??  If you have done this, then please let me know your experience as we are going to save up for it!  Here are some other unique adventures that you can make into a date night:

  • Go on a hike in either a park or go hike up a mountain.
  • Go on a cruise to see the dolphins or whales. (our aquarium does a cruise to see that, so check locally to see if something like that is available)
  • Try another class such as craft, dance, or hardware.
  • Set up a photoshoot where you surprise one another with a costumed theme.

See, there are many different routes to go with, so make it a game night where you just pick one activity to do or talk it out to decide.

Now onto the presents for Valentine’s Day, what shall happen to us who are very much into gift giving, but strapped for cash??  Or we want to make something that means the world, but are not all that creative??  Mix the two.  Get pieces to make something cool for your spouse for cheap.  This will be my route this year.  I will be making my husband a dice box that he has been begging for since we have been preparing our Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  If you want to know more about this DIY before Valentine’s, comment “I’m Interested!” below in the comment section and subscribe to my e-mail.

What are some of your favorite activities with your significant other?  Comment below.  I know that these two parts are short, but I promise you that there is more to come since this is my first year blogging!!  As always, I hope you enjoy and I will see you in the next post!

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