The Nostalgia of Mass Effect

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We always have that one game that brings back that nostalgia effect of our childhood, a memory, or perhaps a feeling.  For me and my husband, it has been the Mass Effect games.  I was introduced to the Mass Effect franchise when I met my husband.  It was the first game that I got into where we both could talk about.  We use to talk about the different missions we were one, if we were planning on going with the paragon side or the renegade side, and talk about the different ways we could beat the villain.  It was also one of the times, throughout our relationship, where I got to see him in his happy place.

Now, going back a little bit with what Mass Effect is all about,  Mass Effect is about a soldier named Commander Shepherd and his journey to save worlds.  This is in the future where there is a “mass relay” or a military-based force that protects the universe from invaders.  There is a council, but there is a member, who comes out to be the villain where he is trying to bring back a violent race.  Therefore, Commander Shepherd, the only human to be a part of the council, has to find the beacons and to beat the villain.  In addition, he is not alone, he searches and recruits members for his team where he has to deal with both tragedy and victory.  In the end, Commander Shepherd saves the universe from evil and goes forth with keeping it that way.

Furthermore, the decisions that you make throughout the game, you will go down two paths.  Either you will be a paragon, good side, or the renegade side, bad side.  Also, the decisions roll out into the next games as well.  Meaning that whatever decisions that you make, you will have consequences of said decision in the second and third game.  So, here is the little snippet of what the Mass Effect games are about, so let’s roll back into the present.

Again, this was the game that got both me and my husband on a common ground and something for us to talk about.  It was also a time where I saw him in his happy place and I was so happy that I was able to share that moment with him.  Fast forward a decade, we got married and have a child together and the franchise is coming out with a Mass Effect Legendary Edition where there is revamped graphics, but it is also the complete set, Mass Effect 1-3.

When it first came out, my husband told me that he would wait to get it because of finances.  However, I knew that we were doing good, so I told him to get it because I was very much excited as he was that this game came out as a complete set.  I was excited to get to be by his side, again, while he played.  Then, I got the nostalgia effect because it brought me back to those memories.  It brought me back to those times where we were younger, playing video games, and having fun.  It was nice!  It was nice to have those memories and to create new ones with the new set.

The graphics were great and the story was everything I remembered it to be.  It was another time where I saw my husband in his happy zone.  It felt great to see him in that light where he gets to relax and be stress free.  We all know those times of stress, work, and just life.  So, it was nice that he has the one outlet, video games, to look forward to.  It also gives us a time for ourselves and to spend time with each other like the good ole days.  While yes, we are grown up with responsibilities, it was nice to have the nostalgia of this video game and to help us get those memories back.

Thank you to EA Games and to  Mass Effect franchise for these memories!  Do you have a game that brings back the nostalgia effect?  Share them below in the comments!

As always, I hope you all had a great time reading and I hope this article brought up some nostalgia for you.  It’s the first day of June, so it’s a new month and time for some new memories and new stories!  I have been off for a while, but life just got in the way and I couldn’t get back until now.  I missed you all and I am happy to bring you some new stories.  I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you in the next post!

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