Setting Up A Game Night Virtually

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Hello everyone!  I am sorry for the delayed posts as I am working on being in 5 classes this summer semester.  My shop has also been picking up where I have been crocheting away with orders.  Anyway, we are still in the house, still homeschooling, and still ordering pretty much everything online too.  In addition, we have been social with friends and family online too.  While everything is online, we, sometimes, still need a creative outlet such as game nights to keep us busy.

Recently, that is exactly what my husband and I have been doing with our friends.  Now, our friends, whom we haven’t been able to see them/talk to normally since our move, came up with the idea of using Zoom as a way for us to communicate.  So, we thought that this would be the perfect time to figure out how we can talk to each other online and to hopefully get our game nights back.  First, we had to research and see if there were any games out there that we could share virtually.  We could talk to each other through Zoom, so we were half way at this point.  The next step would be for us to find a few games, but there was a problem of both sides having to purchase the game.  Then, we hit the gold mine of games.

We found the game, Jack Box Games, which are games that you can play through your phone and it is a multi-player.  You can purchase them in packs where you can get 4 or 5 different games to play virtually.  They range from $20 to $40.  Pretty cool huh?  We purchased the most recent pack, Jack Box Party 6, and it is a lot of fun!  You can play games such as a comedian stand up night, murder mystery, find out who is the alien, and much more.  It is super fun and it passes the time!

We learned that the only way to get around to playing virtually through Zoom with our friends and for them to not have to pay was to start the game, share our screen with them, and have everyone play from their phones.  At first, it was hard to set up, but ever since, it has been super easy to set up.  So, I believe that if anyone wants to try this to play with their friends or family, this would be an easy and awesome way to have game nights.  I, for one, am super happy that we get to talk to our friends and we get to have our game nights back.

Well, that is it for now everyone.  Again, I wanted to share what we have done to get our game nights back and it can all be done virtually.  I hope you all are staying safe out there!  I also hope that you enjoyed reading this and if you have any games that you recommend us playing, tell us below.  I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you in the next post!

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