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Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is having a great week!  It has been very quiet over here since we have been on a stay at home order.  In addition to that order, it was raining for a few days, so it was staying inside literally all day long.

However, since all the schools have been closed for the rest of the school year, there has been a lot of homeschooling lately.  But, my daughter is at the age that she is obsessed with trying to figure out games in general, but still loves to learn when we do school work.  Also, since we are inside a lot, we have been playing a lot of games such as math games, video games, board games, etc.

I have been on our Nintendo Switch a lot lately trying to look for kid friendly games and to look at their sales because ya know…we are a video game family.  While I was looking at their sales through their shop, I found a lot of math games for kids.  Like what???  I didn’t even know that there were games out there and that was educational for kids.  Especially video games on the switch.

So, I did more research and found these games that could combat boredom, help with homeschooling, and is educational.  Here are the video games I found:

  1. Numbala
  2. Math Land
  3. Teddy the Wanderer: Kayaking
  4. Teddy the Wanderer: Mountain Hike

These are just the few games I have found that has all three aspects and they are fun!  It is also great because they are on sale now for less than $2.  That is awesome!  I will say that I am very impressed with these sales and the fact that they are not just video games, they are games designed for kids and especially now, in this crisis, they are educational to help with educating our kids.

I know the phase of the new video game will pass, but the good thing is that it will help with everything education and give it that video game feel.  I am also liking how the video game world is changing and helping in ways that we didn’t know that was possible.  I still remember the old Nintendo and playing my Pokemon and Mario games haha…well anyway.  I hope you found this helpful.  We are all in this together and I hope you all are safe!  As always, I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you in the next post!

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