An All Nerdy Summer

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School is out, which means that Summer has started!  I’m sure every child is so excited to be out of school and get to play outside, while all of us parents are excited too, but we will be more tired than ever….I mean am I right??  We all love summer because there are a lot of activities to do, we all get to soak in some sunshine, and more than likely there will be barbecues.  Along with summer, there is always us nerds, some parents, or anyone who likes to stay inside a lot.  We like to party too, but we do like to stay in the cool breeze of a house and play video games or watch anime.

At least for me and my family, we love going outside, do activities, but only if those activities are free haha.  But, we also like to stay indoors a lot and do our own thing too.  Every summer, we hardly go outside because everything costs money and both me and my husband burn easily.  Yes, we are ghosts and believe me when I say that we do not like to get burned because OUCH!!  However, and it’s a mystery to us, our daughter doesn’t burn, she gets a little red, then it turns into a tan (I will say that I am totally jealous of my daughter for that!).  Anyways, we mostly get to the point of when it gets too hot, then we will go back inside and just relax for the rest of the day.

If you are anything like us or if you get bored with the regular summer activities, then this is definitely the post for you!  I have compiled my own version of tips and other ways to have fun this summer and these can be done either inside or outside.  I am excited to share with you all these tips and I do hope that they help! So……

Here are my tips on how to have an all out nerdy, but fun summer:

  1. Give anime a shot. I have always loved anime’s since middle school.  Give it a shot and watch one.  We are not vampires or anything for wanting to stay indoors, but it is a way to binge watch something if you have already finished your other shows like now we are watching My Hero Academia and if you have never watched it before, do it.  You won’t regret it and another word of advice is to bring tissues for every episode….yes, it’s that good!.  So, my recommendations are My Hero Academia, Voltron, Dragon Ball, Fruits Basket, and Studio Ghibli movies.
  2. Get a fun pass to a water park or theme park.  We got a summer fun pass to both a theme park and water park (it was a sale and bundle deal and with the help of our family…thank you so much).  We wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise, but you really are saving money when you find those sales and get it as a bundle.  Plus, with the summer fun pass, you can go to those parks for free ALL summer, so that right there will give you it’s money worth and plenty of activities to do if you get bored.
  3. Have a get together for a video game tournament.  I love this one because it is so much fun and nobody hardly does it anymore.  However, if you have any friends or family visiting or you invited them over for a get together, then have a video game tournament.  Make a certificate, plaque, or trophy and get two to three video games such as Mario KartPokemon, or Worms.  All of these are such fun games to play!  Check them out!  With these tournaments, you can have rules and the winner gets the trophy.  Easy peasy and it can turn into a yearly fun activity!
  4. Start a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  This one is an especially fun and versatile activity that you can play inside or outside.  If you have any friends or family that likes role playing games or just wants something to do, then invite them over or join into a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  You will never get bored plus this is a good time to keep those creative skills to good use while you battle an army of undead, try to find a way to sneak past some goblins, or fighting in this epic boss battle between your party and the overlord who calls himself Ansem.  See…there are plenty of ways to go about this and it will be a fun adventure.
  5. Have a board game tournament.  If you a lot of board games (like us), then another great way is to have a board game tournament or just a board game night where you invite everyone over (or you can have a family night) and play!  We use to have a board game night before we moves with friends, but since the move, we have not had the chance to.  But…when we did, it was so much fun and it was relaxing to sit, talk, and play!

My husband, daughter, and I have done all of these and these are all great ways to survive the boredom of summer, but can still let our nerd selves out.  And soon, we will be doing our own little Dungeons and Dragons campaign and we couldn’t be anymore excited!  It really is all about how you make it, so even if you are a nerd or not, this is just some unique ways to make your summer fun!

Again, you don’t have to be nerds to do any of these, but these are just some cool unique tips to try if you are bored or looking for something new to do.  Like now, I am suffering from a bad sunburn because I took my daughter yesterday to the pool for 4 HOURS…yes, you heard that right.  I know what you are thinking on ‘why stay at the pool that long?’, but my daughter LOVES swimming and she completely ignored me when I told her it was time to go, but finally we left.  And, yes I also had sunscreen where I kept spraying both me and my daughter, but still I got so burnt that it hurts to put on anything or to use my arms.  How does this come into play with this post??  Well, since I got so burnt, we didn’t go anywhere today, we stayed inside where I watched my all-time favorite anime, Fruits Basket.  Both me and my daughter binged watched anime and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Welp, I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you find these tips helpful!  I have a couple of secrets working in the blog right now that I will share later, but for now I hope you all have a great weekend and a great summer!  Also, please remember to like, share, subscribe, and be a friend and check out or follow me on all social media!  Live long and prosper and I will see you in the next post!

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