Alternative Nerdy Fall/Halloween Traditions

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Hey y’all!  Wow, okay, so we are now in full bloom in the Fall season.  We are also in the season of cooler weather, seeing everything pumpkin, and pretty much wanting to stay inside to escape the cold weather.  For me, I like cold weather, but not too cold.  However, Fall is around the time of year that you may also want to get cozy with your beau or with your family.  And, that is how I feel every year.

I have also come to realize that usually, around this time of year, me and my husband always dust off our board games and start playing more and more.  This has become a little tradition of ours that we always have more game nights and binge watching.  Thinking about all of these family traditions that we have started and with us being a nerdy family, I thought I would share a few tips on alternative traditions that you can try with your family.  You could already be doing some of these things, but hey….we are all weird in our own way, right??

Anyway, here are some of our traditions and tips:

  1. Start a game night championship.  Start a game night where you, friends, and family come together and play with board games or video games.  With board games, anyone can pick one to make it 5 games, then whoever wins can go to the next round.  Unfortunately, for the loser, they are out.  With video games, you can pick something like Mario Kart or Mario Party and play until there is one winner.  So fun and would make a great excuse to hang out with friends or family.
  2. Play a Halloween game.  Since we are in October and it is getting closer to Halloween.  Both my husband and I have found a game that is filled with the Halloween spirit.  The game is called Villainous.  It’s a game that you actually get to play a Disney villain.  You have to get into character and be cunningly strategic to beat the other players.  This is such a fun game to play.  You can teach everything about Halloween with this game or you can show that you don’t always have to be the winner or the hero.
  3. Have a binge watching of spooky family friendly movies.  On the weekends where you don’t want to go anywhere, then plop on the couch or the floor, pop some popcorn, and put on a movie.  Or you can let your child or husband pick out the movie without telling you what it is or what it is about and watch it.  This time of year, we love to watch The Nightmare Before ChristmasAs a side note, we don’t watch this movie UNTIL it is October and December.  It’s weird, but I love it.  I only watch this movie when it is close to Halloween and close to Christmas.  Nonetheless, it is a tradition that we have had since getting married.
  4. Plan a little Halloween get together.  I have seen these little inflatable games at the Dollar Tree that you can get.  There is a ghostly ring-a-toss game, a mummy or vampire corn hole game, and a paddle ball game that the kids can paint.  So, if you are a planner and want to get a small close group of friends together, then make it into a costume Halloween party or just a party.  The kids can paint a game that they want while the adults play ring-a-toss or corn hole.  Win-win for everyone!
  5. Plan a craft night.  Since I am a crafty mom, I have been busy with crocheting dolls or crocheting Halloween bows, which if you want to look at them, you can always visit my shop here.  Anyway, you can plan a craft night with your family to make some Fall/Halloween masks and take a silly picture, let your kids help you with a craft project like crocheting (mine does help all the time), or get a craft/Halloween house kit to build together.  Fun and a simple way to be in the present and to be together.

Again, these are simple, but fun tips that you can hopefully use when planning a family night in.  I love these little traditions for my family because well….it’s us in a nutshell.  It’s not your usual traditions, but they will make for a fun night.  I hope you all enjoyed reading and I would love to hear about your traditions for Fall/Halloween.  Do you have any traditions that is unusual?  Comment below.  As always, I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you in the next post!

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