Keeping the Magic Alive for the Holidays

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Hi everyone!  I have felt like I have been running around like a mad drone when there is an attack on the Death Star haha (Star Wars reference).  However, when you feel like you are going crazy or just overwhelmed, it’s nice to just take a break.  Even if it is just for a minute, it’s nice.  Welp folks, that is my life as a mom and wife right now.  My house is a total mess, my husband has been pulling overtime at his job, so that makes me the one to try to work on my own things plus make sure that our child is taken care of.  No, I am not complaining at all because I would not trade it for anything and my husband is my greatest support system and vice versa.  Heck…I even tried to go back to work, but that didn’t pan out because my fibromyalgia flared up pretty bad where I was in pain for most to all of the time, I didn’t get home until almost 11 at night (I asked for nights and weekends), and my husband started his work that had him to start traveling plus working overtime that could go into nights and weekends.  So again, I am not complaining, I am just painting you all a picture of what has been going on and why I have been so quiet on every platform.

Good news is that since I have made a somewhat recovery and in a position where I am more focused on what I like to do (blogging for you all, making my nerdy things, and being with my nerdy family), I can now fully say that I am happy to be back.  So, with all of that, I know how sometimes it can be difficult to keep the magic of the holidays alive when you feel like you are in the poops (aka a prisoner for Jaba the hut), but it doesn’t really have to be that way.  I have found that out the hard way.  I was so depressed and exhausted from my depression and my pain that I just wanted to sleep from the time that I dropped my child at school to the time that I picked her up.  It is not easy, but I have learned some tips from my amazing friend that has helped me.  And really…the holidays is all about being together with your family, seeing your child become all bright eyed when they see something exciting, or maybe baking/cooking for your family.  I know that has always been my favorite goals/memories for the holidays.

However, once you are an adult, the magic kind of fades away, but with these tips, you can keep the magic alive for yourself, your marriage, and your kids.

  1. Go through traditions that makes you smile.  I already shared my example above, but I will say it again.  My fondest memory was going on a ride with either my grandparents or my parents or everyone in the family to go see Christmas lights.  It was always my favorite because it was always something that we dropped everything that we were doing, got together, and spent time with each other.  I have passed this tradition on to my daughter.  Both my husband and I always have taken her to see Christmas lights on Christmas Eve and she LOVES it.  We also have this tradition of baking chocolate chip snowballs and Grinch cookies (which both sides of our family loves and devours every time we bring some).  None the less, it really makes my heart transform and makes me so happy.
  2. Forget the planning.  I know, I know…this one is a toughy.  Believe me, I am the planner in my family, but my friend told me something that I will hold dear especially in these stressful times.  She told me, “Just forget about the plans for the future, just plan for the day.”  And oh my…it has changed my perspective.  It took me awhile to get it, but now, I just plan for the day and I am not as stressed as I was before with planning ahead.  Yes, it is nice to plan ahead in certain areas of life such as budgeting, vacations, etc.  However, sometimes we all need to take the simple road, take a step back, and plan the little things day by day so that we can make sure that we are in the moment.

These may not seem like a lot of tips, but they sure have helped me in getting back into the swing of the holidays and bringing back that magic.  At the beginning of Christmas music season (that I usually listen to), I didn’t listen because I was so stressed out, I was exhausted.  Now…I have used these tips myself and I am back listening and singing along to Christmas tunes with my daughter.  It’s amazing how just one little line can change your whole outlook of what you have been doing.  We all need to take a step back, be kind, and choose love.  I know that these times can be hard and stressful for some of us, but it doesn’t have to be that way if we all changed our mindset.

I hope you all enjoyed reading and let me know, what kind of traditions do you have?  What is your favorite memory of Christmas?  Well, in any case, I hope you all have a happy holidays!  As always, thank you all for your support and I will see you in the next post!


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5 years ago

Love your post! So true and yes we do need to take a step back to go forward with a better attitude.

Holly Bird
5 years ago

I just love when you say..”Don’t plan” so true this time of year..unless you are hosting a huge event it is better to just be in the moment! Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and your family!