A Mom’s DIY Sunburn Remedy

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So…a week ago, I finally took my daughter out for a pool day since the weather was sunny and nice.  Since we are fair (or as we call it…ghosts haha), I put sunscreen on both of us and we hit the water.  Everything was going nice until 2 hours later and I was trying to get my daughter out, but nope she completely ignored me, so we stayed and stayed.

Finally, after 4 HOURS of being there, we came home only to realize that my back was burned.  It was horrible!  I kept reapplying the sunscreen every hour to hour and a half while we were there, but I still got sun!  However, we looked at our daughter and she has got a tan.  So jealous and don’t even know where she got that from!  Anyways, I wasn’t in pain (yet), but we wanted to get a head start by rubbing aloe gel on my back.

(This is my back when we got back from the pool and I am sorry for the skin showing, just wanted to show you all just how bad it was)

The two days were the most miserable days of my life because the pain was like no other.  It got so bad that I would walk around like a stiff piece of clothing that came out of the dryer.  It literally reminded me of the episode from I Love Lucy where she didn’t want Ricky to know that she spent $500 on a dress, so she went down to the pool (they were in Hollywood by this point in the series) to get a sunburn.  Well, she sat there for too long and she got what she wished, she was red.  When they all came back to find her, she walked out so stiff and didn’t want anyone to touch her.  In the end, she found out that if she wore another dress in a fashion show, then she could keep her dress for free, so everything worked out, but that’s how I was.

It also got so bad to where I felt so sick and got sick even after my husband rubbed aloe on me.  After the second day, I thought that there has to be another trick to this because I couldn’t take much longer.  And yes, I was taking Tylenol for the pain, but it didn’t help.  So, I went to do some research and I found that if you put Apple Cider Vinegar on a wash cloth and put on the sun burnt area, then it will take out the sting.  I also found that if you mix together some Coconut Oil with some Essential Oils (Peppermint-for pain and Lavender-to soothe), then rub some on the area and it should bring relief.  And, that’s exactly what I did.

Except, I had to get creative because this was my back and in a place where I can’t reach it, so I did some thinking and here is what I did:

  1. I made myself a bath and poured 1 to 1 and 1/2 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar in cool water.  I sat in there for about 15 to 20 minutes just soaking.  Then, once I got out, I dabbed my back with the towel (so that way it was a little wet).
  2. I mixed together a few spoonfuls of Coconut Oil with a few drops of both Peppermint and Lavender essential oil.  Then, I let my husband rub it on my back.  Voila! Instant relief!

I can’t tell you how much I was saved by doing my research because in an instant of me doing that, I didn’t have pain, I didn’t itch, and I just felt relief!  It was amazing!  By the next day, my back was so much better, so I just kept doing this remedy.  Finally, after two days, I could actually put on a shirt without being in pain, I could start doing more and more of my usual stuff around the house.

Now, I am starting to peel so I am itching a lot, but once I put this remedy on, then the itches go away.  So, if you burn easily and find yourself with a sunburn this summer.  Take it from me and try this remedy!  You won’t regret it.  I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Welp, this is all for this week and this was my experience and since it helped me so much, I just couldn’t keep this in and had to share.  I hope you are enjoying your summer and as always, be a friend and follow me on social media, share, and subscribe.  I hope you have a great weekend and I will see you in the next post!

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