A Journey Into Fitness: Mom Edition

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Have you ever woken up and got dressed only to realize that you can’t fit into your pants?? You must use a hair tie as a button?? That is the story of my life. I am that mom, ever since my daughter was born, there has been squeezing and doing the pant dance while putting clothes on. Then, only to realize that I need to use a hair tie as a button to button my pants. First off, I love my body and I love that I get to create little humans. However, one day, I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself, “girl, you need to get back into shape!”
Mind you, I have been active my whole life as a ballerina. I stopped being active after high school to gain the college experience which, in turn, meant to gain the “freshman 15.” Then came love, moving, marriage, and BAM….a sweet little baby. After my daughter got older and started running around, I started to realize that I was getting out of breath way too quickly and I simply could not keep up with her. Then, that moment arrived when it just clicked that I needed to get back into shape. It wasn’t just about me anymore, but I also needed to set an example, be a role model for my baby girl.
So, my fitness journey began along with my husband…this was a year ago. I was watching this girl I went to high school with and she was a coach through Beachbody. I finally had the courage to message her and everything sounded legit, so I signed up to be a Beachbody coach. Everything was going great, we started working out, I was getting my energy back plus I started fitting into my clothes again. Then, everything came to halt when I got my injury. I got a back injury and had to go through physical therapy. Every few months or so, my husband and I would start working out, almost get to the finish line, then we either get sick (me) or we get injured (also me).
But it wasn’t until my last physical therapy session that another thing clicked in my head. I was explaining to my physical therapist that I am a stay at home mom where our daughter wants to get involved in working out with us, I used to be active, but I want to get back into shape to keep up with my daughter plus not feeling exhausted when we play. I also told her that I wanted to be a good mom and be a role model to my daughter. What she told me still sticks with me today, she said, “For one thing, you have been active, then you need to keep active to AVOID injuries. Just like with runners, if you stop cold turkey, then start up again with high intensity workouts, you are going to get hurt.” She also said, “You are a great mom, who is already a great role model. You teach her what she needs to know on a day to day basis, so you are doing the right thing.”
She really opened my eyes that day. I concluded that I need to stop being so self-conscious and doubting myself. I am a stay at home mom who homeschools her child, does housework, cooks dinner, takes care of our fur children, makes sure finances are in order, makes sure husband and daughter is happy and full, and keeps her work up and running. I am doing something right when I can see, at the end of each day, that my husband and daughter are smiling and laughing. It doesn’t matter if I am fit or if the house is a mess. All that matters is that we have each other, and we are full of life and happiness.
So, my husband and I are at it again with working out, but this time is different. I am not so self-conscious, so I can focus on doing the moves safely and effectively. It is working out great and I couldn’t be happier. Our daughter joins us in the workouts and we turn it into family time. I figured that not only is she learning how to defend herself, but she is burning her energy in a healthy way. It’s a mom win! I can’t wait to finish this program and get back into my pants!! If you want to learn more about these programs, then please feel free to e-mail me!! Thank you for reading and I will see you in the next post!!

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