You Play Dungeons and Dragons…And You Have Kids…Say What??

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Ah…Dungeons and Dragons…an old game that is played by people old or young.  A game that never ceases to amaze it’s players through storytelling, miniatures, books, and maps.  I never knew of the world that I was getting into until I experienced it first hand and fell in love with this role-playing game.  What’s even more awesome is that our daughter is starting to love the game…okay, okay…she just loves to role the dice, but hey everyone has to start somewhere right??

We are just beginning our journey into this fabulous world and you may call us nerds, but we don’t care.  I was even telling my parents about us getting into D&D and my dad just shouts, “Hey! I use to play that when I was younger!”  Y’all, I was in shock, but at the same time, I was thinking that I have a pretty cool dad.  Then I realized something, there are many generations of families that come together to play Dungeons and Dragons and well…my family is going to be one of them.  We are planning to include our daughter in our campaign with her making her own character.  So you might ask, how did you get into D&D and how do you know that your daughter likes it?

My husband is actually the person who introduced me and our daughter to Dungeons and Dragons.  He started watching this show called Critical Role on YouTube and let me be honest here…I thought it was lame and he was a big NERD…at first.  Then after listening to the show for a while, these voice actors brought me in with their fuller than life characters.  So, finally, we all watched the whole first season and we are now watching the second season with their new characters.  And although this show is amazing and hilarious, it turns out that most to all of the voice actors on this show have voiced some of my all time favorite anime characters.  Shout out to Laura Bailey, aka Tohru (Fruits Basket) and kid Trunks (Dragonball Z), Travis Willingham, aka King Rolland (Sofia the First) (for my daughter), Sam Riegel, aka Scanlan (Critical Role Season 1), Liam O’Brien, aka Doctor Strange and Nephrite (Sailor Moon), and Matthew Mercer, aka JoJo (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) and Prince Dimande/Doctor (Sailor Moon)!  You guys are amazing!  And for all of you who are thinking about checking out this show, do it, you will have the funnest and most emotional ride with this show.

Okay, so back to Dungeons and Dragons…and back to our story, when my husband got introduced to D&D, he went to play with a group at our local comic book shop.  Our daughter went twice with them with always coming in saying how much they both loved it.  Naturally, I went one or two times with the character I made and I have to admit that it was pretty darn fun!  Getting into a scene or a battle with a group that you do not know is exciting, but it also let’s you become social in a way.  Of course you have to speak and you have to tell everyone your plan, but being a close knit group really let’s you bloom into a social butterfly that you are not used to.  The group we were in were so nice and supportive, they were also knowledgeable if we had any questions.  However, to my surprise, when I have told people about us playing Dungeons and Dragons, I always got a response of, “Wow! You’re both parents and you play D&D?” or “Wow! That’s cool, but you two know that you are nerds and bringing your child into that.”  My response to everything is that…why is us being nerds and playing D&D a bad thing?  It doesn’t have to be, Dungeons and Dragons has been around for forever.  It lets us use our imagination and use our thinking, problem solving, and social skills.  I think that is a good thing for both adults and children.  I also think that if parents want to include their children in their campaigns, then do it.  It would be awesome to see how they grow and how they react when there are triumphs and sadness.  It’s an adventure, but it will be a great one!

So yes, we are still noobs in playing D&D and we are still building up our collection.  I have always had the question of collecting ALL the books.  Like, why do we need to have ALL the books?  However though, in this day in age, we may not have to collect the physical books for long with Dungeons and Dragons crossing paths with the technology age with D&D Beyond.  What is D&D Beyond you may ask?  Well, D&D Beyond is a website that you can easily get on your tablet, phone, or whatever you have on your person and access your books, character sheets, resources, etc.  How easy and cool is that?  We are planning on jumping on board with them once we get our group of players together and our characters made. If you play D&D and you do not know about D&D Beyond, then I would suggest to check it out by clicking on this link:

There you have it folks, a little experience story of D&D.  I hope you enjoyed my story and I hope that you won’t feel alone if you are a parent who wants to play or you want to include your child.  This game is so full of wonder and can adapt to any generation, old and young.  If you have any fun experiences with playing, comment below.  I would love to chat about it with you.  I will be going now, but I will see you in the next post!  Happy Friday!



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