Playing Board Games With Kids

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Playing board games is so much fun especially when you are with your squad, family, or significant other.  But, what about playing board games with your kids?  What if they get into all the pieces or take the dice and run around the house?  This is every parents thought when it comes to debating if they should let their child play or not.  I will admit that it was my thought for a while, but then everything changed.

Once a month, the husband and I would invite our friends over for a game night where we would have fun playing games, drinking wine (yes, we are parents who loves wine), chatting, and eating.  Our daughter would sit with us and watch us, but she never wanted to participate.  However, this changed once she got older.  She is now 3 years old and wants to be included in everything which is amazing!  I am glad that she wants to participate, but I have those thoughts that she will mess everything up for the game.  Or so I thought….

When we moved, and we saw that our daughter wanted to play, me and my husband decided to slowly introduce her to board games.  First, we started off with card games and her helping us with decisions on what cards to put down, etc. When we felt like she could handle an actual board game, we decided to up it a notch and play Monopoly.  Even though our daughter was just learning, and she wanted to play all the characters on the board, it was really, really fun!

It was fun to watch her make her own decisions, but I realized that it was also helping her learn.  It was helping her to learn math, counting, the value of a dollar, decision making, etc.  So, all in all, I was impressed and surprised how fun and awesome it was to include our daughter into playing board games with us.  So, my opinion on this will be for any parent out there debating on if they should include their child into playing any type of board game, card game, etc., you should give it a try, and you might be surprised on how well they do.  I know I certainly was and now she participates when we do play board games.

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