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Being A Homemaker, Mom, and Trying to Set A Routine

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Good Morning everyone!  It has been crazy busy over here with school starting for all members of my family.  Both my husband and I want to further our education and we are going back to school while our daughter is in Kindergarten.  If you would like to know more about our journey of going back to school, you can read it here.  Anyway, with our schedules getting busier and I am still working in my crochet shop and my blog…everything is getting a little chaotic.  It is chaotic good, of course, but it can also take a toll when you are trying to take care of yourself or trying to set a routine.

I have been so adamant on making myself more of a priority and to take care of myself.  It’s not just for me, but it is for my husband and for my daughter.  However, I have also learned that if I could set up a routine for myself and stick to it, I am much happier because I am not stressing about doing everything, I am not filling with anxiety, and I can get what I need to get done for the day.  I’m sure that every parent has been in this position of looking at a LONG to-do list and already getting stressed out with trying to get everything done.

That was me.  I was the homemaker and the mom with cleaning the house, taking care of the animals, making sure our child has everything she needs, making my husband his lunches every day, making sure I have a blog post set up, making sure my crochet shop was in order, etc.  I mean, our parents and grandparents did this with ease with getting everything done, so why not me?

I was having so much trouble with getting stuff done and if I couldn’t get stuff done, I felt horrible.  I would get filled with more stress and more anxiety.  I also felt lazy if I wanted to take a break and relax.  However, it wasn’t until I started to talk to my therapist about my depression, my anxiety, and my issues that I realized that I needed to let some things go.  I needed to set a routine for myself and let go of the control of not doing everything.  Especially now with all of us being in school, it was a priority to set this routine and trying to be more calm.

I mean, the saying goes, “if you are not calm, then no one is calm.”  I have believed in that ever since becoming a mom and working through my issues.  So, now that I am trying to remain calm and not get filled with too much stress/anxiety, my therapist told me that I would need to set up a routine for myself.

My hope for this post is to help someone that is overwhelmed and just know that you are definitely not alone.  Anyway, when I started making my routine, I was thinking of what I wanted to get done, what I needed to get done, and I wrote it all down on a piece of paper.  Then, after a lot of trials and a lot of practice, I finally got to the point where I could set up my own routine that I felt happy about.  It did take me a few months, but I did it. 

Here is a sample of the routine I created:

Nerd Mom with a Blog Routine Sample 2019

This is just a sample of what I do on Mondays.  Now, if I need to do other errands, I will do them, but I will shift around or I will not do a particular chore that day and do it next week.  However, there is only one housework chore that I do every day.  I did this because I got filled with so much anxiety every time I tried to get the house cleaned and couldn’t get it all the way cleaned.  So, I figured that if I broke it up to only cleaning one area each day, then the house would be clean by the weekend (so I can have family time) and I wouldn’t be too stressed.

In addition to my housework, I get the animals fed every morning, I do my exercise before my child wakes up (and I feel great and have energy for the day after this), and I get dressed for the day.  By the time that I get my daughter ready and dropped off at school, I do my housework and then I work either on the blog or on the crochet shop for a bit.  Then, I eat lunch and then I usually do schoolwork/homework.  By the time that I have to go pick up my daughter from school, I work a little more on blogging or crocheting.  I read my school stuff as I am walking to pick her up from school, make dinner, clean up after dinner, and play a family game with all 3 of us.  Then, when my daughter goes to bed, both my husband and I do schoolwork or I work.  It’s a little chaotic, but we do make sure that we have family time and date night ins to keep us sane.

Welpl, I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with my story for today.  I really do hope that I have helped someone who has felt overwhelmed or is stressed about their to-do lists.  It doesn’t matter where or who you are, but you are not alone and you got this!  I know it sucks and sometimes the stuff we need to do but can’t do is out of our control, but that is okay.  I have suffered through all of this, but it is okay to let go sometimes and just move it to next week or the next day.  You matter and your family matters.  Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading and if you have any tips or any stories, let me know…I would love to hear them!  As always, I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you in the next post!  I also made an announcement on my Facebook page about the new schedule on the blog!  I will be posting every two weeks instead of every week.  I am doing this because of me going back to school.  Thank you for your understanding!

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