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The Making of A Meal Plan on A Budget

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Hi everyone! The month of May has started, which means that it is time to start on those new monthly goals. My monthly goals are usually the same…try to lose weight, try to eat healthier/stick to the meal plan, and try to keep within our budget. Well, even though I try so hard, sometimes life gets the better of me (like it does with all of us probably).

However, I have gotten a little better each month with making meal plans, budgeting for said meal plan, and sticking to it. My secret is that I always leave two or three days out of the week open for discussion on what to do for dinner, which could be a ‘Chick-fil-a Friday’ or ‘Family Night Out Saturday’. I have also found that doing a meal prep plan for only 4 days a week (in a work week), instead of 5 days, it tends to be much easier to stretch the food out equally, have enough for leftovers for any unexpected days where you don’t feel like cooking, and there is less groceries to get.

Here is an example of one of the meal plans that I have done and actually I am doing this meal plan for this week:

Meal Plan

In this meal plan, I planned out all of our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners plus snacks.  I even wrote down when we were going to be eating out due to us either being tired or at an event.  There are two blanks in the snack section on the weekend because I usually leave those open to whatever we have left from the snacks during the week.  I also make sure that we have enough groceries for the meal plan for the week and I work it into our budget.  

Also, speaking about the budget, for this type of meal plan (I also included the type of lunches my daughter wants to have as her school lunches), my usual grocery bill is about $80 each week.  Now, for a family of 3, that is not bad at all and especially when our usual grocery bill use to be over $100 each week, I will gladly save that $20.  I know that I am pretty much preaching to the choir and there are hundreds of meal planning and budgeting tips, but I wanted to share my meal planning in hopes of helping someone out there who was as clueless as I was.  Let me also tell you that I was really clueless and I was not in the groove of things until I really buckled down to get us both healthier and we saw a nutritionist.  

Again, doing a meal plan has really helped both me and my family to eat healthier, stay on our nutrition track, keep in our budget, and to really understand our relationship with food.  For example, I used to always have a box or two of snack cakes or Reese’s (my fave), but now I don’t have them anymore because they are not healthy and full of sugar.  However, there is always that 80/20 rule right??  

Anyway, I hope this has helped you or anyone who wants to meal prep.  I also hoped you all enjoyed reading.  I am now working on my meal plan for the upcoming week, making my grocery list, and I just realized that Cinco De Mayo is coming up, so maybe a taco night is in order.  As always, I hope you all have a great weekend, have a Happy Cinco De Mayo (be careful if you are drinking), and I will see you in the next post!

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