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Homeschool Activity: Kindergarten Workbook and Combating Boredom

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Hello everyone!  I hope you all are having a great Friday!  This summer has been crazy with the ups and downs, but the one thing I have kept constant was trying to keep my daughter busy with a kindergarten workbook.  She will be going into kindergarten this year (my mom heart is overloading with joy, but breaking at her growing up too fast at the same time), so I figured that it will at least keep her busy….or so I thought. 

She has been so bored since my health has been up and down ALL summer and I have been working on the blog, my shop, school, etc., so I thought this workbook would do the trick.  It did at first.  It really made her think because it has patterns, math, science, and sentences in it.  I was actually amazed at how much stuff was in it and I was excited that I saw my daughter thinking about the answer to the problem.  Now, this post is by no means of saying that the workbook didn’t work because it did.  I am just sharing on how we worked with the workbook with adding some other activities in her summer home school series. 

The workbook I got was from Scholastic and I originally got it from Costco (it was the cheapest there) for $7.99.  Even though I cannot find it on their site, I have found out on Amazon and you can see it here.  I’m sure there are other great resources and other great workbooks out there, but this was the one that I found that was cheap and it was full of activities.  Anyway, we started off great with doing one page out of every section, but eventually…the repetition got the better of my daughter and she didn’t want to do the workbook anymore. 

Once I saw that she wasn’t interested, I started thinking about how I can get her attention again.  It wasn’t easy, but I think I made up a few activities that she has enjoyed as well as me.  Here are some of the ideas:

  1. Make a game.  I have learned that my daughter loves games as much as her mommy and daddy, so here and there, I made a game out of the whichever section we were at.  For example, if we were on the science section, I would do a scavenger hunt of the pieces we needed.  Once we found all the pieces, then we would start the lesson or activity. 
  2. Do painting instead of coloring.  This is for when she stopped wanting to color, which surprises me.  However, if she didn’t want to follow the directions and use the color by number guide, I used paint.  For example, I have some face paint that we have used almost weekly for the summer and we regular paints, but when she wants a change a pace, I let her paint by numbers or paint the picture that is on the page or we use the face paint to paint her face the colors that are needed for that specific page.  It’s messy, but it’s fun!
  3. Roll the dice.  So, this one is a bit nerdy, but hear me out.  I have used our d20’s in a home school setting.  Yes, it sounds crazy, but it actually is a great and fun way to get kids attention.  For example, when we learn about numbers or math, I simply bring out two d20’s and we can either add, subtract, or do math problems.  We can also count the numbers on the dice or I can let her roll and whatever number she lands on, we can learn about that number.  Another example is learning about the alphabet with the d20.  We can assign a letter to the number on the dice and whatever she lands on, we can learn about the letter with the letter, using it in a word, and then using it in a sentence.  We can also make up a word with whatever letters she lands on.  
  4. Go on a quick field trip.  I like this one because it gets us both out of the house and let’s be honest…sometimes we need that fresh air.  But when we need learn, it’s a great way to get out on the indoor environment and go outside.  For example, when we are learning about shapes or colors, we can simply go outside to the park, the grocery shop, in the car picking up lunch or going to the post office, or going to a museum and we can pick out a shape or a color and talk about it.  We can talk about how the colors are and what colors make up that color or why the sign is shaped like that.  We can also play the I Spy game to pick a color or a shape, come back inside, and go through the page on what we saw. 
  5. Make it fun for both you and your kid.  This one is creative.  However, I think that if both you and your kid can get creative, then it would be fun for both parties.  For example, if you come across a section in the workbook such as math, patterns, sentences, etc., both of you can brainstorm on something you can do together to learn about the section.  So, let’s say that there is a section on patters and you are trying to brainstorm a creative way to learn.  Well, you can dance to a song and sing the patterns like, “frog, frog, bird…” and then ask what comes next.  Another great way is maybe doing a little role playing such as if you plan an adventure and you are trying to get to the castle, you need to go through the forest.  However, once you get the forest, what pattern do you see?  Which pattern is the correct pattern?  

So, there you have it, some ideas on how to combat that boredom of working through workbooks.  You can use these ideas any time throughout any home school or in school curriculum.  I know that I am actually using one of the ideas today and going on a little field trip.  Again, these workbooks are great, but sometimes kids (and us) get tired of the repetition of the same sections and need a little break.

Welp, that is all for this post and I hope that you all enjoyed reading.  If you have any ideas on combating boredom, let me know, I would love to hear your ideas.  As always, I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you in the next post!

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